Please call Friends House President Jonathan Goldberg to help us with our housing conditions.

Although Jonathan Goldberg, Attorney (LinkedIn) (Jonathan Evan Goldberg) (facebook) is a partner at the prestigious law firm of SNR Denton US LLP, he presides over the slum conditions that are Friends House in New York City.

As an attorney, he would be educated and licensed in the practice of real estate, which makes it very odd that he would preside over the kind of unlawful conditions that exist at Friends House.

Jonathan Evan Goldberg is also a founding member of the Cherub Improv Group.

Under Mr. Goldberg’s supervision as President of the Board of Friends House, Annie Soriano, a licensed Social Worker in the state of New York, is designated as the Executive Director of Friends House and signs leases, shows up in Housing Court, collects rent on behalf of the corporation, shows apartments to prospective tenants, and seems to have no control over the adherence to maintenance guidelines for the property.

But to be clear, the way in which the employees of Friends House conduct themselves and manage a property in New York City would raise the question as to whether or not the Board of Friends House has really any clue to what actually happens under the roof here.

Please call Jonathan Goldberg and tell him that living conditions like making tenants with disabilities wait until the next business day to have water restored is unacceptable.

Please explain to him that this is not an acceptable use of your tax dollars.

Please explain to him that this is not an acceptable way to treat any tenant in New York City, and it is all the more unacceptable treat people with disabilities this way.

Jonathan Goldberg is a partner at SNR Denton, and he has office phone numbers listed for New York City 212.398.5779 and Short Hills, NJ 973.912.7169

His known email addresses are, and